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An apple a day keeps not only the doctor away, but breast cancer, too. Research at the University of New York shows that apples retard the growth of breast tumours.

The animal test subjects who were given one apple a day saw their tumours grow more slowly. Growth of the tumours in the control group that was not given an apple increased by 81%. As the number of apples given to the rats increased, the less quickly tumours developed. With daily intake of 6 apples per day, only 23% developed a tumour.


"Not only were there fewer tumours," says Professor Rui Hai Liu, "but the malignant cells grew less quickly, were smaller and less malignant. Apples contain enormous quantities of flavonoids. Those antioxidants are extremely important, as confirmed by this study."


In addition to apples, flavonoids are also found in oranges, grapes, strawberries, plums and bananas. (lvl)